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4 Lamp T5HO 8′ Fluorescent Strip Retrofit Kit


Howard Lighting FSR84454APSMV000000I Fluorescent Retrofit Strip, 8-foot, 4.25 Wide, 4 Lamp 54W T5 (2 4` Retrofit Covers, (2) Program Start Multi-Volt Ballast, No FIO`s, w/o Power Cord, Individual Carton

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The Howard Lighting FSR84454 retrofit kit converts an 8 foot long T12 or T8 fluorescent strip light to use T5HO lamps for higher light output and better energy efficiency.  This kit comes complete with a pre-wired program start ballast, high quality lamp holders, and (2) 4 foot gear trays for easy installation.  The lamp holder cut-outs guarantee correct lamp spacing and that the lamp holders will not fall out during installation.  The gear trays are made from code gauge steel and have a high-gloss baked enamel finish for maximum reflectivity.  This kit also includes an NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect.  The FSR84454 series retrofit kit is UL listed and fully tested at the factory.

Installation Instructions

  1. FSR8 line diagramEnsure power is turned off.
  2. Remove the existing front cover, lamp holders and socket bars.
  3. Screw the gear tray tethers into the existing fixture to hang the new gear trays while you make electrical connections.
  4. Insert the new lamp holders into the labeled gear tray cutouts.
  5. Insert the power leads into the ballast disconnect plug.
  6. Close cover and screw into the fixture body using the supplied Tek screws.
  7. Insert lamps.


  • Designed for trouble free installation
  • Uses two (2) 4′ gear trays that install independently for easy installation
  • Lampholder cutouts guarantee correct lamp spacing
  • Optional reflectors available


  • Code gauge steel
  • High gloss, baked enamel finish
  • High quality lamp holders


  • (2) 4′ gear trays
  • (8) lamp holders
  • (12) tek screws
  • (4) gear tray tethers
  • (1) electronic 120-277V program start ballast
  • (1) NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs
Dimensions 49.5 × 5 × 1.75 in

FSR8 Spec Sheet  FSR8 Spec Sheet